Ben Watson: Blake in Cambridge
Paperback : 168 pages
ISBN-13 : 978-0956817686
Product dimensions : 12.7 x 0.99 x 20.32 cm
Publisher : Unkant Publishers (30 April 2012)
Language : English

Blake in Cambridge was written after reading William Blake’s visionary epic Milton during extended bouts of childcare in Coram’s Fields in the summer of 2010. Blake in Cambridge is the Marxist critique of Eng. Lit. Christopher Caudwell was meant to write, but screwed up due to a CPGB sociology which denies literature the chance to answer back. In Marx’s polemic, the jokes of Tristram Shandy and Don Quixote became weapons in class struggle. This, argues Watson, is how Blake can and should be used.

Read the chapter on EP Thompson’s Blake, on Thompson’s brilliant take on the roots of Blake’s radicalism.