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Aleks McHugh: The Golem Returns

In the wake of the attempted QAnon putsch, and in the run-up to the inauguration of Joe Biden, when Trump’s supporters are expected to take to the streets again, Aleks McHugh considers QAnon hysteria and social media generally as incarnations of Meyrink’s Golem, as portrayed in the 1920 film by Paul Wegener.

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The Blake Bloc

Blake Bloc, conceived by Poets, Artists and Photographers and the banner designed by Artist Matthew Couper, brings back visionary and poetic anarchism to the conventional march of protest. Last seen with Blake’s influence, through Ginsberg, on sixties anti-war demonstrations and incorporating the once-proud trade union and suffragette banners of the nineteenth century. Bearing William Blake’s images and his immortal words — ‘Opposition is True Friendship’ — this banner isn’t for the bin afterwards with the pile of placards ! It’s a work of art as much as a protest in the Blakean tradition of William Morris elevating socialist ideals.

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The Tyger and Violence

The Tyger is potentially the Led Zeppelin of Blake poems — brash, bombastic and unnervingly successful. It is supposedly the most anthologised poem in the English language — stadium poetry, if you like. Your children will probably come across it at school. Along with the Parry’s version of Jerusalem, this is the Blake that people know.

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