AffirmismsMichael Tencer: Affirmisms
Bathroom Books, 2021
Paperback: 80 pp

Michael Tencer’s long-awaited Affirmisms has finally dropped off the printing press. Painstakingly and lovingly made for your total missatisfaction, Affirmisms drips with hard-won wisdom from a damaged life, and every trim shows it.

Fed up with the wholesome goodness that pops magically out of the negation of the negation every time you try it? Try Michael Tencer’s affirmation of the affirmation instead to experience a life crumbling like your teeth in dreams.

Michael says: I wrote a book! It’s called ‘Affirmisms.’ And I published the thing too. Cornered the market!
It’s available at for $10, plus $4 shipping in the US. Cheap! Outside of the US, try emailing Bathroom Books to ask for postage rates.
As you may have guessed from the title, it’s a book of aphorisms… only stupid! They’re “pearls of wisdom from wrong life.” That’s sorta like the blurb. If you’re interested in poetry, I suppose you could call it poetry, though you’ll probably be disappointed! For everyone else, let’s just say it’s basically a book of jokes and leave it at that.
Tell all your friends and especially your enemies!

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